“Cheaper By the Dozen” Sells Their Special Sauce

Disney’s Cheaper By the Dozen follows Zoey and Paul Baker (Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff respectively) as they navigate life with their blended and extended families.

Zoey has two children from a previous relationship, DJ (Andre Robinson) and Deja (Journee Brown). Paul has three kids, two biological – Ella (Kylie Rogers) and Harley (Caylee Blosenski), and a young boy they adopted after his parents died in a fatal crash, Haresh (Aryan Simhadri). The ‘they’ in question are Paul and his ex-wife Kate (Erika Christensen) with whom Paul still maintains a friendship, or at the very least, Kate has a very comfortable friendship with his couch.

Finally, there are Paul and Zoey’s two sets of twins: Luca and Luna (Leo Abelo Perry and Mikal-Michelle Harris) and Bailey and Bronx (Christian Cote and Sebastian Cote).

The Bakers all live together with their two dogs, Bark Obama and Joe Bite ‘em (gave me a good chuckle!), and Kate comes by (and stays by) often to help with the kids while everyone goes to work. Work is “Bakers Breakfast”, a restaurant run by Paul and Zoey with help from the kids. Add in Dom (Timon Kyle Durrett) as Zoey’s ex-husband and Cousin Seth (Luke Prael), Paul’s wayward nephew, and what you have is an overstuffed house full of chaotic love.

Find the rest of the review at The Geekiary, originally posted on March 17, 2022.

Disney’s Cheaper By the Dozen will premiere exclusively on Disney+, Friday, March 18th.

Score: 3.5/5

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