‘The Lost City’ Finds Some Fun!

Sandra Bullock in a rapidly depleting purple sequin onesie, Daniel Radcliffe being an evil mastermind, Channing Tatus with leeches on his pert bum, Brad Pitt being a yogi, parkour badass? These are all things you needed, but never knew you could have. Well, now you can in Paramount Pictures The Lost City.

Sandra Bullock is Loretta, a geography buff who has taken to writing romance novels. She becomes famous and just as famous is her premiere cover model “Dash” played by Alan (Channing Tatum). At the beginning of their book tour — set up by Loretta’s long-suffering publicist/agent Beth (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) — Loretta expresses her reluctance despite Dash’s enthusiasm.

She’s soon accosted by Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe), a megalomaniacal billionaire who is desperately searching for a treasure Loretta has recounted in one of her books. Dash is particularly invested as he wishes to prove that he’s more than just a cover model; he’s a real hero.

He recruits his trainer… Jack Trainer (Brad Pitt) and together they track down Loretta and attempt to rescue her. And they might find different types of treasure along the way.

Sandra Bullock’s return to light-hearted comedy is welcome. Some of you may know I wasn’t the biggest fan of Unforgivable. While I will always love Bullock in A Time to Kill, I haven’t been the biggest advocate of her latest dramatic releases. She does have a great sense of humor and good comedic timing. She’s fearless and willing to try everything which leads to a lot of unexpected moments in the film.

The cast itself is a fantastic blend. Tatum’s dance physicality is naturally fluid as he prances and gallops through the jungle to his love. It’s only shown up by Brad Pitt who moves like he’s been training for years for that very moment (and maybe he has).

The location is full of splendor and the humor is enough removed from slapstick to let the romantic sparks fly between Alan and Loretta. The film moves fast and the time is used well. There’s a splash of National Treasure and even Indiana Jones.

It’s a true action-adventure and it’s full of my fave — effortless diversity and lots of laughs and good feelings. While not to be taken too seriously the film does throw in a few heartfelt moments. And we watch Loretta’s journey back to happiness and self-confidence.

Overall, The Lost City is a fantastically entertaining film with solid performances and a whole lot of good things. Stay tuned after the credits for even more fun!

Score: 3.75/5

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